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Gutely Company Profile


Gutely Company Profile

Gutely Company Profile

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Company name:HuiZhou Gutely Technology Co.,Ltd.
Product trademark:GTL
GTL hose is the leading pioneer of domestic high-end rubber hose industry.In a wide range of fields, the use of professional rubber engineering technology, continuous development and innovation, hose solutions technical problems;Stand out in similar enterprises and lead customers to success.In order to compete and win in the market, GTL hose ensures that technology and products are leading.Leading the industry, providing customers with competitive reliable hose solutions, faster service.Create more value!
Corporate vision: to be a great company.Keep leading in technology and products;Leading the industry
Product positioning: development, design, production of high-pointed hose.
Quality aim: international standard, excellent quality!
Values: create more value!
     Create more value for customers;Create more value for the company;Creating more value for individuals;Create more value for society.
Corporate culture: ambitious and bold to explore;Passionate and fearless;Work hard and strive for excellence!

Gutely Company Profile


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